Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Tuesday's Trinkets

I've decided to do a 'Tuesday's Trinkets' post every Tuesday (or when I remember, hehe) which will be filled with gorgeous handmade goodies from either Etsy or Folksy.

Here are a few of my favourite handmade things this week, all picked out from Etsy today.

Lady Grace Flower Earrings by Sophine Giam
These are so pretty and the dark bronze findings make them perfect for autumn.

Full Of Wonder Ring by Tied Up Memories
This lovely ring is filled with colours and would look good as a focal piece with any cute outfit.

Tiny Pink Rose Necklace by Clementines Jewelry
This sweet little rose would be perfect for everyday wear.

Rose Flower Cuff Bracelet by Hot Pink Chick
Perfect for the autumn weather, this brass cuff and peach flower really compliment each other.

These lovely items all have an autumnal feel to them, for me anyway. It's such a grey and wet day, autumn/winter are definitely on their way! There's nothing nicer for me than curling up in front of the tv in wintertime, hot chocolate in my hand. Yummy.

In other news, I have a collection of 'sparklebead' bracelets to show off very soon!

Fiona x


  1. Hello, I do believe I recognise that lovely jewellery further down the blog! Your new earrings are gorgeous...
    And lovely etsy finds, I especially love the ring.

    And... I'm your first follower, yay! :)

  2. Awww thankyou! :D fellow tsuk-er, hehe.
    I'm in love with that ring too :P it's so pretty, I love colourful things.

    And thankyou for being my very first follower! I'm still learning about blogging/using blogspot, so I'm just bumbling along with it at the moment


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