Thursday, 1 September 2011

Blog Update In Photos

I've had a life changing couple of weeks and I've been too busy to blog about it, so I thought I'd catch up with photos :)

001. We got engaged!! This was a complete surprise to me, but Adrian had planned the whole thing. He got down on one knee in the beautiful countryside while we were having a Saturday walk. He made some chocolate coated strawberries and got me pink glitter edged roses. In the evening, he booked a table at a surprise location, we had a cosy candlelit dinner in a beautiful country pub in the middle of nowhere. It was the most romantic day/night.

002. Pretty work clothes. I have officially left my previous job, and I'm due to start my new job next week! I'll be working in a law firm, so for the office environment, I've invested in a few key pieces. I've mainly stuck with pretty tops, plain cardigans and black trousers. It's been strange getting my own uniform, because I've always been given one in previous jobs.

003. Naughty treats. I've been to Cardiff celebrating my new job & engagement with family. While I was there, I nipped into town and went to MAC. I purchased a few naughty bits. I got a lipstick (Snob), an eyeshadow (Plum Dressing) and one of the eyeshadow duos from the Semi-Precious collection (Pink Split). I think I just about caught the Semi-Precious eyeshadow as the collection seems to be on its way out now. I regret not buying the Rose Quartz blush, although I think I'll treat myself to Dainty from the general line soon.
I also got my hands on a lovely Heirloom shadestick from the MAC Me Over collection. I felt pretty lucky as I purchased it on the 30th August, when it was due in September. The lady mentioned that the particular store was releasing it slightly earlier than other stores. It's in a beautiful beige champagne sort of shade.
If you want any swatches of these items, just leave a comment on this blog post :)

004. Owl Necklace. I got this from the Dorothy Perkins website (link here). I thought it would be tiny, but actually, it's huge compared to what I expected! At first I was a little put off by it, and I wasn't sure whether to return it. But I took it to Cardiff with me, and almost wore it every day. It's so cute paired with a nice plain top, as it's a pretty big statement piece.

005. Custom Order. After the jewellery stall, I received a custom order for someone who loves butterflies. I found these beautiful vitrial butterfly beads on Ebay and turned them into this charm bracelet. I've sent photos over, she loves it, so it'll either be collected or dropped off v.soon.

Fiona x

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Giveaway WINNER!!

I drew up the list of entries this morning, and whizzed the numbers through, and got our giveaway winner!!

And the winner is....


Congratulations!! I'll be emailing you shortly for your address to send the goodies to you. A big thank you to everyone who entered :)

Fiona x

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Giveaway Reminder!

Don't forget to enter Flonightingale & Sparkleroses Giveaway! It ends just after midnight tonight, so there's a bit of time left!

Click here and comment to enter.

Good luck everyone!

Fiona x

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Jewellery Stall Day

I've been a bad blogger, very bad indeed. But, I have had a crazy couple of weeks, so I've been a busy bee.

As mentioned earlier, I was attending a summer fete today at Stonesplace in Lincoln. I've been preparing for it for weeks, so I was super excited to wake up this morning and get myself ready to go.

Sparklerose Designs Business Card

We had two tables, one for all the jewellery and the other was for my portfolio and a general packaging area. I realised I'm not very good at wrapping things in tissue, I might be best just using my paper bags!

It started out raining outside so we decided to go indoors, but later the sun started to shine, typical!

I wrote down my sales, and I did quite well. Better than I was expecting. I also have a potential repair, something to drop off tomorrow and a custom order which I need to do some research for.

I made lots of £5.00 glass beaded silver-plated sets, they seemed to have tons of interest, I sold quite a few of those. I also sold alot of £1.00 beaded earrings.

It was a lovely day in general. I sampled a chocolate fudge slice which tasted amazing, met alot of lovely people, got alot of lovely compliments on my jewellery, and I've learnt alot about doing a stall now.

I'm also hoping to go back to their Christmas fete, with lots more goodies, of course ;)

Adrian's auntie came to visit us and see the stall with her friend Christine, she won a cake in the raffle they had. I had to take a ton of pictures, it's the most beautiful cake.. ever..

It would make the perfect style for a wedding cake. Simply gorgeous.

Tonight we're off to a place called The Homestead for a general celebration/treat. Turns out that some of Adrian's family are going too, so we've turned our twosome meal into more of a get together, which should be super fun.

I promise I'll blog more, promise!

In the meantime, the Flonightingale & Sparklerose giveaway is still running, go enter now for your chance to win!

Fiona x

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Craft Projects: Fimo Clay Cupcake Charms

Over the weekend I nipped to The Range, which is a store in the UK that sells a little bit of everything.

Their craft section is pretty good and reasonable in price, so I went there to get some general items for the jewellery stall, packaging etc.

I picked up some fimo clay blocks while I was there, and spent an evening making cupcake charms :D

Here's what I used:

1. Some greaseproof paper
2. Facial wipes for your hands (these are handy when transferring to a different clay colour, I find washing and drying my hands leaves tiny fibres behind which catch on the clay)
3. Silver-plated headpins
4. A base colour for your cupcake, as well as some frosting colours
5. I used the skewers for quickly slicing through the clay, I recommend a knife

I used a light beige coloured clay and made a large roll of it, then sliced it by pushing a skewer through the roll, trying to split the roll into equal mini bits. I would suggest using a knife, I just didn't have an old craft-type one available.

I rolled each little section into a ball, then I pressed the ball either side into the greaseproof paper, rotating it so I ended up with a cone. I used a silver-plated headpin to press lines into the cone, then I turned the cone upside down and pressed it down a little, creating a flat bottom.

The bottoms turned out flatter than I was hoping, I'm sure there's a trick to making them taller. I also added blobs to the middle of each base, as something for the frosting to stick to.

Here are the finished cupcakes, right before baking. I decided to try some with white shimmer frosting, others with a red glitter frosting and some with pink frosting. As you can see, most of them have a headpin through them, ready for making into charms. I'm not entirely sure if any of these are good enough to feature in my jewellery though ;)

The pink frosting with white shimmery heart on top is my fave :)

I definitely don't work well with fimo clay, but it was fun to make them. Maybe with lots of practice I'd get alot better, haha.

Fiona x

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Nottingham Make-Up Haul

Last week we decided to go to Nottingham and I bought a few bits & pieces, mostly make-up. I've been meaning to write this post sooner but I've been super busy getting ready for the stall.

Anyway, onto the goodies :)

Primark watch pendant necklace - £4.00

The first item was an amazing find in Primark. I absolutely love pendant watches, and this one is only £4.00. I have a really nice one I bought from River Island a while ago, but this one's great for casual wear.

Paul & Joe Lip Gloss G in shade 02 (found in TK Maxx) £6.99

I was so excited to find this lipgloss in TK Maxx, I've always wanted to try some Paul & Joe products, and the packaging is just the cutest. The tube has a raised floral detail and a beautiful pearly pink lid, the box is also pretty sweet as you can see from the photo. The lipgloss itself is in a beautiful light nude sparkly shade (as shown in swatch below).

Paul & Joe Lipgloss Swatch

Clarins Single Eye Colour Eyeshadow in Icy Turquoise (found in TK Maxx) £5.99

I fell in love with the colour of this eyeshadow, it's a beautiful shimmery deep blue (as shown in swatch below). They also had one called Pink Frost, which looked like a pale shimmery pink with light flecks of golden glitter, I was tempted to get it but I do have a similar colour so I was good ;)

I think the colour is quite pigmented and strong, stronger than I was expecting actually. I was just curious to test out some Clarins make-up, so far I'm pretty pleased.

Clarins 'Icy Turquoise' Swatch

I was pretty excited about picking up the next items.

Nars Blush in Deep Throat (bought from Space NK) £20.50

I've been wanting to own a Nars blush since reading so many amazing reviews and seeing so many swatches, but the price tag has always put me off. After having a good look at the testers in the Space NK store in Nottingham, I decided that Deep Throat looked like the best blush for me. I thought that Orgasm was quite orangey and a bit too pearly for me. And I could also understand why people say that Super Orgasm is too glittery, it really is! I could never pull that one off.

I also checked out the lipglosses, and I was rather disappointed. Alot of people really love them, but I really dislike make-up products that have that certain smell, I can't really think of a word to describe it. I love products that are either scentless, or have a lovely vanilla/almond undertone.

Here's a swatch of Deep Throat:

Nars Blush - Deep Throat

It's a bit of a rubbish swatch, but that was just a light application. You really don't need much of this for impact. I imagine I'll have mine for ages and ages. It has to be my favourite blush, ever.

I also invested in a couple of MAC Lipsticks:

L-R: MAC Cremesheen in Creme Cup + Speed Dial - £13.50 each

I've wanted to try MAC lipsticks for a long time, but I'm not really a lipstick person generally, so I figured I'd buy them and never use them. How wrong I was. I absolutely LOVE Creme Cup, I've used it almost every day since I bought it. I'm applying a thin amount of it and using a bit of my Vaseline Cocoa pot on top for a bit of extra gloss. Speed Dial is the nicest pink, but the smallest amount is super bright, so I have used that one less. As mentioned above, I hate badly scented products, but these lipsticks are heaven to me because they smell of vanilla :D

While in the MAC store, I browsed the eyeshadows as well as the lipsticks. I think my favourite eyeshadows are Satin Taupe, Expensive Pink and Patina.

Anyway, here is a swatch of Creme Cup & Speed Dial:

Top: Creme Cup
Bottom: Speed Dial

Wow, this is a pretty long post!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far. I have tomorrow off work (yay!) so I'm looking forward to a day of jewellery making and preparing for the stall.

Today I got myself some fimo clay with the intention of making cupcake charms. The results were.... rather bad, but I did remember to take pictures, so I'll share that crafty project with you in my next post :)

Fiona x

Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Happiness Project


A few days ago, I linked up with Lindsay at Scenic Glory to join her Happiness Project, which is a weekly marking of progress towards a goal. I have tons of things I'd like to focus on, so I imagine my very own little project will last a long time ;)

This is technically week #2, but it's my first post, so I'm calling it week #1.

This week I have decided to.... get organised.

Here are my goals:

1. Get my savings account sorted out.
2. Finally tidy the cupboard.
3. Transfer all important dates (currently on scrap bits of paper) into my diary.
4. Eliminate the 'clothes for ironing' mountain that seems to be growing, eek.
5. And the fifth one is quite exciting, I need to get myself ready for a stall in a summer fete, in less than a month! I'll be talking more about this one in upcoming posts I'm sure.

So I'll check in next Thursday with this and hopefully I'll be ticking off my goals :)

Fiona x

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Sparklerose + Flonightingale's Fabtastic Giveaway! *CLOSED*


As mentioned previously, Sparklerose teamed up with Flonightingales to offer a fabulous giveaway!

Following a review of Flo's lovely Sparkle Bow Earrings, we decided to create some pieces to offer to our lovely readers.

Lots of lovely goodies!

Here we have:

A beautiful handmade bracelet from Flonightingales, featuring owls and mushrooms.
A pair of cream sparkle rose studs from Sparklerose.
A cute Eiffel Tower charm necklace from Sparklerose.
Two Nails Inc Polishes in Wellbeck Street and Maple Street.

Flonightingales Charm Bracelet

Eiffel Tower charm necklace

Sparkle rose stud earrings

To enter:

1. You must be a follower of Sparklerose and Flonightingales, as this is a treat for our readers :)
2. For extra entries, you can 'like' Flonightingale or Sparklerose on Facebook, or follow Flonightingale or Sparklerose twitter pages. Just comment separately to say which of these you've decided to join :)

Be sure to leave your email address so you can be contacted if you've won, as well as your GFC name.
For the extra entries, leave your name and/or twitter name where appropriate.

This giveaway is open internationally.

The deadline for entries is Wednesday 17th August at 12:01am, the winner will be announced the following day :)

Good luck everyone!

Fiona x


Monday, 4 July 2011

Sparklerose Make-Over

I decided to give Sparklerose a make-over.

I've almost had Sparklerose for a year, and I'm in the process of creating an Etsy store, so I figured now would be a good time to shake things up a bit :)

At the moment, half of the old design is lying about, but I'll hopefully be finished up by tonight.

I just need a break from my laptop before my eyes turn square..

The next post will be a giveaway, one previously mentioned that's a collaboration of Sparklerose and Flonightingale. Keep your eyes peeled :)

Fiona x

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Eyeko Nailpolishes - Review

l-r: nude, vintage, rain, chi chi

As previously mentioned in this post, I took advantage of the Groupon deal for the Eyeko voucher a little while ago and I planned to pick four nailpolishes to try out.

The colours I (eventually) decided on were:

Vintage Polish
Nude Polish
Rain Polish
Chi Chi Polish

I was eager to try them out, hence the multicoloured nails this morning. I think Chi Chi is adorable and not too rough without a top coat, which is a plus for me when it comes to glitter nails. Rain is very quickly a favourite, I think the bluey grey colour would probably go with just about everything in my pastel wardrobe. Vintage is a beautiful pale green but for some reason I found it very hard to apply, it took around 3 coats for me to get it looking right, but it's a really gorgeous colour. And lastly, nude, which is brilliant in my opinion. It's a pale shimmery nude that gives you a nail 'colour' without standing out too much, definitely a winner at work for me.

I wouldn't say they took too long to dry, and so far no chips, so we'll see how that goes ;)

In the next post, I'm going to *finally* get around to writing up a collective review of a few make-up pieces I mentioned in this post.

Hope you're all well :D

Fiona x

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Back Home

After a rather busy week in Cardiff, we arrived back home very late thursday night. It was generally a good trip, with some sadnesses inbetween. Things I'll never go into on here.

I sadly didn't take many photos, I'm awful ;) I tried taking a photo of the moon the other night, it was amazing, but my photos failed..

Anyway, I'm very busy at the moment, but I do have posts lined up, so I'll be back properly soon :)

Fiona x

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Little Holiday

View from my old Cardiff bedroom

I won't be around for about a week or so, as we're off to Cardiff to stay with my Dad :)

I have so much planned for the week, and so much organising etc to do, so I'll be super busy.

Normal posting will resume after the 17th June. I still have plans for some make-up reviews, I'll be working on my Etsy store and hopefully I'll be creating more pretty jewels.

I may have some photos of my trip to show, but knowing me, I'll never have my camera on me ;)

Hope you guys have a fabulous week, and I'll see you next Saturday! :D

Fiona x

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Off Topic // A Levitating Pussycat!

This is not normally something I'd talk about, for obvious reasons ;) but once I saw this I knew I had to share it with you :D

My Dad is staying overnight in Lincoln for Adrian's charity bike ride tomorrow, it was him that captured the miracle floating cat ;) when he showed me this I nearly peed myself with laughter...


Then he zoomed out to show this image..

This cat was perched on the glass, at the top of my Dad's conservatory, staring down at our cat sitting on the sofa, she was understandably shaken by the image of a cat above her head.

I have absolutely no idea how the cat got up there, or why he/she felt that was a comfortable position...

But hey, it made me laugh ;)

Fiona x

Monday, 6 June 2011

Sparklerose Jewellery + Eyeko Nailpolishes

I got my sparkly beads out the other day and created this little beauty. It's a summery version of my Mauve Elegance Charm Bracelet, which featured mauve roses and delicate pink beads, and proved quite popular around the wintery months.

I'm thinking I should call it something summery :) any suggestions?

I'm slowly beginning to make new pieces for an Etsy store I'm in the process of creating, so I'm using bits of free time to get some stock together. Adrian is working late tonight, so I'm pottering around the flat getting little jobs done, hopefully some more jewellery will get made ;)

On another note, I took advantage of the Eyeko deal on Groupon the other day, which was a £20 voucher for just £8. I noticed the deal mentioned by Charlene at Dainty Dresses, and I quickly jumped at the chance to grab one of these vouchers, as I've been after some of their nailpolishes for a while.

I've heard so many great things about Eyeko nailpolishes, and seen so many lovely looking swatches too. My plan was to pick 4 nailpolish colours to fulfil the £20 voucher, making them a bargain at £2 each. But I'm totally spoilt for choice!

My faves are:

This looks like a really neutral tan in swatches I've seen.

This one looks like a greyish blue, also very neutral.
I love this colour, but I'm pretty sure I already have a colour similar...
I love the colour in the bottle, but wonder how easy it is to apply...
This is a gorgeous dark shade with red flecks of glitter, I really do love this, although it isn't practical for everyday use for me.
This is the perfect nude colour to me.
Two words: Pink, Glitter :D

Do you own any of these shades? Which one/ones would you pick? :)

Fiona x

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Latest Loves ♥

A little place for me to share various things I'm loving at the moment. I realised I had nowhere to jot things like this down, so here's a new blog feature dedicated to it :)

This week, Adrian managed to find the Leap Year dvd for me, sitting on the Asda dvd shelves. I was delighted by this, as I watched the film a few months ago and really enjoyed it. It's an adorable romantic comedy starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode. In my own words, it's about a woman that decides to propose to her boyfriend, based on the Irish tradition of Leap Year, but the journey she goes on is hilarious and sweet. I definitely recommend this film (and some cupcakes & popcorn to go with it).

♥ Eating
I cannot get enough of strawberries the past couple of weeks. I remember reading a long time ago that a handful of strawberries a day can give you a huge nutrient-boost, so I've been following this and having a few every morning with my breakfast. I think we're coming close to strawberry picking season, too!

♥ Wearing
My nail polish of the moment is by Rimmel, from their 60 second range. The colour is called Twinkle, and it really does twinkle! It's a basic pink shimmer with lots of tiny flecks of sparkly clear glitter. I find it has a dull finish, so I usually make it shiny with a topcoat filled with tiny flecks of gold glitter.

♥ Blogs
I'm always looking out for more blogs to add to my dashboard. I find I can spend hours reading other people's posts, and it can end up making up my 'reading' time, the time I would spend reading a book. Here's a few blogs I've stumbled upon recently:

Go check them out :)

What are your latest loves? :)

Fiona x
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