Friday, 13 May 2011

General Update / Upcoming Posts

I've had the most relaxing day, in preparation for a mammoth work shift tomorrow (11 hours, wish me luck!).

Upon checking my emails this morning, I got very excited to find my pinterest invite sitting in my inbox. I requested one a few days ago, highly intrigued about what it's all about.

I have probably spent far too much time on it today, I'd say it's highly addictive for me. I'd recommend it for anyone who loves collecting things and/or pretty pictures.

It'll be so so handy for creating wishlists around Christmas time, as you can add anything from anywhere in one place :) very exciting stuff.

On another note, since my 'what's (currently) in my make-up bag' post, I've actually done a little bit of shopping online (thrifting, of course) and somewhat added to my collection. I've decided to review these items here :)

So here's a little list of the products I'll be reviewing over the next month or two:

+ No 7 Liplicious lipgloss tube in Candyfloss
+ MAC Glitter Reflects in Transparent Teal (I'm likely going to use this in nailart)
+ Barry M Lipstick in number 53 (Coral)
+ No 7 Eyeshadow single in Island Sea

I also wanted to say a thank you to my new readers. In the past month or so, I think my reader number has almost doubled. I really, really appreciate it :) It's lovely to know that people like what I write & what I snap with my camera. Thanks for all your support! :D

Fiona x


  1. I'm one of the new followers :D

    I think your blog is so cute! hehe.
    I also make my own jewellery etc and would love to open a boutique one day!
    < Great minds think a like! >

    I go to university in Lincoln! Small world i guess! (i'm assuming that this is Lincoln, UK! And not the one in America! lol)

    Anyway, your jewellery is very pretty! and I loved your last post (That dress is so lovely!)

    Hope you're okay :)


  2. I cant wait for your beauty reviews x

  3. hey thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, before my break, I'm back now. :)
    I'm yet to join pintrest, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time! hope you've been having a good week! :)


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