Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Update + A Fashion Dilemma

As previously mentioned, I planned some reviews on make-up goodies for the future :) I'm still waiting on a few items to arrive, and I planned to review them all at once, so that's on hold for now ;)

I've generally been quite busy with work, so I haven't had too much time to focus on Sparklerose. But, I have got more ribbon rose earrings to add to the blog sales section, and a lovely cupcake necklace collection to show v.soon :)

I also celebrated my one year anniversary of my life in Lincoln on the 18th May, which meant me & Adrian were also celebrating our one year (of living together) anniversary too :)

Very pretty roses from Adrian

We went out to Damon's for a lovely meal to mark the occasion. I wore the dress that I'd received from Matalan, mentioned in this post. It's an American style diner, so the food was.. a little different to me. We tried an onion loaf, which looked like loads of onion rings squashed together. And for a dessert, a bakewell type of cake made out of snickers, chocolate and some other things all sandwiched together :) very delicious.

Anywho, onto the present, I've been invited out for girly drinks over the weekend, and I'm completely stuck for what to wear. I'm thinking flat shoes (I don't *do* heels, I buy them, rarely, just for staring at) and some kind of dress with leggings. A smart/casual type of thing.

Here's a few bits that I'm tempted with, I'm in need of some advice ;)

Orange Sleeveless Lace Dress - £26.00

I love the colour of this dress, and I love the lace, but I can't decide if it's too striking for me. And what colour flats would I team it with?

Orange Frill Chiffon Dress - £32.00

Again with the orange! But it's so pretty. But would wearing black leggings completely butcher its prettiness...

Taupe Cape Back Dress - £30.00

I really love the cape on the back of this dress, giving the illusion that there's a shrug. I hate showing my shoulders/upper arms so this would be suitable for me. It's a little plain, maybe a statement necklace or a belt would make it more 'night out' material.

Statement Feather Jewel Flat In Natural - £12.00

These shoes are adorable, they're just the right amount of 'fancy' for me. I want something with a bit of sparkle, with a bit of detail, but without being too over the top.

I'm definitely loving the shoes, but I think the dress situation is proving to be a pickle....

Fiona x


  1. i love those shoes!! they are wonderful xx L

  2. They are really cute, I love things with feathers lately :D it's pay day too, maybe I should treat myself to them ;)

    Fiona x


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