Monday, 2 May 2011

The Jewellery Files (001)

I have been AWOL the past few days due to a rather unpleasant bladder infection. The weekend was particularly hurrendous, as I had alot of other symptoms as well as the actual infection. I felt terribly sick and my head throbbed. However, I am now on anti-biotics, and I'm drinking plenty of fluids, so I should be on the mend pretty soon :)

I thought I'd start my first feature post for The Jewellery Files, which is a new feature I've created for the blog. In each post, I will show jewellery that I've dug out of the inner depths of my jewellery drawer, and generally talk about it. Being the jewellery magpie that I am, I have so many pretty jewels but I seem to go for the same pieces over and over again. Sooo.. I do hope this blog feature will encourage me to wear my whole collection.

The first piece I dug out was a heart necklace. Sadly, there's only one piece being featured today, I was a little jewellery lazy this week.

It's actually really cute for a pendant necklace. It's made of glass with small daisies inserted inside. Can't believe this one has barely got some love over the past few years!

I got it when I was in London for a post-birthday treat, which was my 18th. I picked it up in a market somewhere, I'm not actually sure where, and I think it cost me £7.00. It reminds me of the time where I was just about to go to Uni, the excitement and anticipation was pretty strong at that point.

I also remember buying far too many bags to go with that necklace...

Fiona x


  1. that is such a beautiful necklace!

  2. Thankyou :D it's ideal for work, so easy wearing..

    Fiona x


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