Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Break + Matalan Finds

Happy Easter! Slightly belated.. I know..

But I'm munching into my honeypot shaped egg that Ady found in the clearance section of Morrisons, Easter on the cheap, win!

I hope everyone enjoyed the lovely sunshine and generally had some fun. We got alot of silly chores done, things that needed cleaning, things that needed organising and tidying, etc. We also had naughty ice creams, went to a funfair that consisted of three rides, and ran across the Asda carpark in stormy rain. It was an awesome storm, but our flat was like an oven, and our Velux windows would let rain in, so we sat and roasted while watching The Million Pound Drop on tv.

Today we ran some errands, and I popped into Matalan while we were out. I'd read great things about their latest collections, and I was very impressed when I looked around.

Sitting proudly against some rather plain dresses was a floral dress, thee floral dress, absolutely beautiful print, perfect shape. I tried it on, and I fell in love, until I saw that it was falling apart and someone had taken scissors to the belt. Then I was far from impressed, grr.

However, I did find the dress online, and hopefully, in a few days, this little beauty will be mine :)

It's £14.00, which I think is pretty good. I found that the length was really good, and the detailing around the top was flattering for me. I teamed it with a turquoise blue cardigan in the changing room and thought it was a love match :)

I also loved this dress online, I saw the jumpsuit version in store and loved the print, so I got excited when I found it in dress form online, buuut alas, £25.00 is alot for a dress when I have far too many already.. ;)

Not sure if it would look too poofy on me, but it's very pretty.

I'll definitely be checking out Matalan on a regular basis, rather than once in a blue moon.

What did you get upto over Easter? :)

Fiona x


  1. They are so gorgeous, they seem to have a vintage look to them :). If I had them I'd wear with red lipstick :).

    I love your blog by the way - following :).


  2. Ah, if only I had the confidence to pull off red lipstick, it would look perfect :D
    Glad you love my blog, and thankyou for following! I'm going to go check out your blog :)

    Fiona x

  3. I love both dresses they are really pretty :) x

  4. lovely blog and love your post. lets be friends! follow me and see what i wear on wardrobe wednesday! xoxo

  5. lets not get me started on how much I love Matalan right now!

  6. rose petals - they are indeed :D can't wait for mine to arrive, it should be here in a few days :D

    Kelsey - thankyou for your lovely comment, I'll be sure to check out your blog!

    daisychain - haha, yer I'm extremely impressed with their latest goodies. PS, also voted for you, hope you win!

    Fiona x

  7. Those two floral dresses are so sweet, I really like the second one. :)

    The Cat Hag

  8. I really love the first dress!

    Monique xx

  9. Love the Matalan dress!

    And yay for Easter on the cheap. I am always scavenging the sweets aisles after Halloween/Christmas/Easter for themed chocolates. I swear it makes them taste better... ;)

  10. I am loving sweet floral dresses this spring. These are so charming!

  11. Thanks for the comments on the dresses, the one I ordered arrived and I'm thrilled with it, can't wait to wear it out somewhere :D

    And Room Eleven - I agree about the themed chocolate, and chocolate that's egg shaped tastes so much better anyway, the mystery of the world.. ;)

    Fiona x

  12. Ooh that first dress is gorgeous. I haven't been to Matalan for absolutely ages - got to visit them again (or well, I could just visit their site :-)).


  13. Miss A - you really should visit :D lovely lovely things..

    Fiona x


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