Thursday, 21 April 2011

Ooh Pretty Nails! (001)

I've decided to create an 'ooh pretty nails' tag, something which I'll try to do once a week.

I'm rediscovering my love for nailart lately, and my recent nail look is some lovely Easter bunnies, inspired by Dainty Dresses. There's so many people doing so many beautifully creative things with their nails out there, and from googling I found so many gorgeous images that are so inspiring.

So here is a collection of gorgeous 'spring/summer' inspired nails.


I love love love florals. They remind me of vintage chic, summer days, happiness. I think this style is really quite effective too, it's almost like dots of colour and shading which make up roses. I also found a tutorial for mastering the style here. I'll hopefully be trying it out myself soon.


Yummy cupcake nails! I adore all things cupcake, so these are a real hit with me. They're perfect for spring when they're created with plenty of pastel colours. Click the link above to see loads of different styles. There are some really pretty polkadot and stripe ideas, as well as super fruity ones.


I'm not a huge fan of animal print, although I have grown fond of my hot pink zebra print pjs I had for christmas (sooo shexay, haha). I think hot pink can pull off anything, or vice versa. These are definitely versatile, and it's a design that could work with other colour schemes too.


Strawberries are the yummiest fruit, in my mind. So I love this nailart, it's so cutesy, especially with pink. To smarten it up a bit, all you need to do is swap pink for red, and voila. I love sporting a strawberry nail. I use Barry M mint green, a pink Barry M shade (can't remember the name), and a basic white for the dots. It's uber cute.

Aside nailart, I noticed that OPI have created a Designer Series range. I'm quite the OPI fan, although usually can't justify the price tag ;)

The Designer Series are extremely sparkly, I think the term is 'prismatic'. From what I've read and seen, they reflect lots of light, therefore creating a multicoloured nail. I'm quite taken with this colour...
It's called 'Opulence'

Looks like this on nails..

I found them on Ebay for a pretty penny. But alas, I am not allowed to shop just yet ;)

Fiona x


  1. I love the first ones they are amazing! I wish I could have mine like that :) I've tried the strawberry ones they are so cute, I want to try the cupcakes next :) X

  2. I realllly need to do my nails!

  3. I love the floral ones! The cupcakes would make me too hungry...

  4. The floral ones are my fave too, I think I'm gonna have a go at painting that design on my nails later.. :D

    Fiona x


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