About Me

Welcome to Sparklerose Designs, a blog designed to talk about my handmade projects and all things of a sparkly/pretty/girly nature.

I'm Fiona, most people call me Fi, I don't mind it.. much ;) I live in a beautiful one bedroom flat in Lincoln with my equally beautiful fiance. His name is Adrian, he has dreamy brown eyes and curly brown hair. We met in Uni, both studying Law and going to lectures within the same friendship group. He wooed me with his confidence and charm, I fell deeply in love.

I just turned 24 in March, I'm a pisces, and I'd say I'm quite true to the description. I currently work part-time in retail, my intention was to head into retail management. But my ultimate dream is to have my own boutique oneday, stocked full of handmade goodies (and some cupcakes, too).

I tend to prefer winter as I love hot chocolates, girly novels, fleecy blankets, comfy sofas and films. Although summer is quite charming, I get bad hayfever, so it has bad connotations.

Music excites me. I love listening to new tracks, especially things other people haven't heard of. At the moment I'm loving Lenka, Lisa Hannigan, Lemon Jelly and a dash of Joshua Radin. My taste is very wide, and it changes constantly. But my favourite band will never change, Camera Obscura.

Shopping, sparkly jewellery, brightly coloured nail polish, coffee with a dash of Bailey's, florals, pink roses, tomato & pasta, Hello Kitty, handbags, reading girly novels, strawberries, cuddles, sleeping in the sunshine, hot chocolates, sequins, cupcakes, vanilla/almond/coconut scented toiletries, cheesecake, Urban Decay eyeshadows, lip smackers, mango, apple & cheese salads

Spiders, the taste of mushrooms, creme fraiche, whole milk, nasty people, dark chocolate, being cold, getting up early in the morning after a late night, grapefruit scented toiletries, chocolate cheesecake
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