About Sparklerose

Sparklerose Designs was born in the Summer of 2010, from a passion for all things sparkly and vintage in style.

I had recently moved away from home, and I was keen to restart my life. After dealing with a personal tragedy, I ventured back into my old jewellery making roots, creating a brand new line. My general style is inspired by the person that was involved in the tragedy, she is behind the basis of the design.

The first piece I created was a pair of lilac ribbon rose earrings with sparkly AB stones sitting in the middle. And there came the name, Sparklerose Designs. I treasure those earrings for the journey they've led me on.
Each design is heavily influenced by hearts and roses, glass and sparkle with a vintage twist. To satisfy my love for cute, there is also the occasional cupcake that pops up.

I love using antique bronze and copper findings to create that 'worn' look, I love sparkly smoked rondelles, AB shining glass beads, bright pastel pearls and the cutest of charms.

In the future, I plan to venture into other craft projects to fulfill my love of creating pretty things.

You can find my current pieces in my Folksy shop.

If you have any questions, or just fancy a natter, then feel free to send an email to sparklerosedesigns@live.co.uk

With love,
Fiona x
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