Saturday, 6 August 2011

Jewellery Stall Day

I've been a bad blogger, very bad indeed. But, I have had a crazy couple of weeks, so I've been a busy bee.

As mentioned earlier, I was attending a summer fete today at Stonesplace in Lincoln. I've been preparing for it for weeks, so I was super excited to wake up this morning and get myself ready to go.

Sparklerose Designs Business Card

We had two tables, one for all the jewellery and the other was for my portfolio and a general packaging area. I realised I'm not very good at wrapping things in tissue, I might be best just using my paper bags!

It started out raining outside so we decided to go indoors, but later the sun started to shine, typical!

I wrote down my sales, and I did quite well. Better than I was expecting. I also have a potential repair, something to drop off tomorrow and a custom order which I need to do some research for.

I made lots of £5.00 glass beaded silver-plated sets, they seemed to have tons of interest, I sold quite a few of those. I also sold alot of £1.00 beaded earrings.

It was a lovely day in general. I sampled a chocolate fudge slice which tasted amazing, met alot of lovely people, got alot of lovely compliments on my jewellery, and I've learnt alot about doing a stall now.

I'm also hoping to go back to their Christmas fete, with lots more goodies, of course ;)

Adrian's auntie came to visit us and see the stall with her friend Christine, she won a cake in the raffle they had. I had to take a ton of pictures, it's the most beautiful cake.. ever..

It would make the perfect style for a wedding cake. Simply gorgeous.

Tonight we're off to a place called The Homestead for a general celebration/treat. Turns out that some of Adrian's family are going too, so we've turned our twosome meal into more of a get together, which should be super fun.

I promise I'll blog more, promise!

In the meantime, the Flonightingale & Sparklerose giveaway is still running, go enter now for your chance to win!

Fiona x


  1. Love you stuff, its so cute, do you sell online :) xx

  2. It all looks beautiful, I'm not surprised you did well! The earrings look fab on the little chest of drawers.
    And, serious cake envy, what a prize!
    Glad you had such a great day. Am still plucking up courage to do something like this... x

  3. Your table looks awesome and the jewelry beautiful!

  4. Lovelain94 - Thankyou! :D I do sell online, but I'm currently moving my shop over to Etsy. If you leave me your email, I can email you to let you know when I've started added items to it :)

    Flonightingale - I love that little chest of drawers! Although I found people couldn't really see them standing upright. You should really go for it with a stall, I was nervous at first but getting the first one done has built up my confidence for future ones :)

    Insanely Sweet - Thankyou very much! :D


  5. Your table looks great. Well done on doing so well!


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