Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Halloween ideas

Well hello!

Today I've been off work, and instead of organising my craft things (like I was meant to), I headed into town for a new railcard and a general wander. I'm due back to Cardiff on monday & need to book my tickets, so exciting!

There's a shop I used to go to for all my jewellery supplies, so I'll be heading there while I'm in the area.

I've been thinking about Halloween this year, and what I'm going to make for it. I really love Halloween in general, I do love a good horror film (even though I cover my eyes through most of them) and it's fun seeing kids get all excited about it.

I'm hoping to get some Halloween-based supplies in Cardiff or through Etsy, just hope I can get things all made and sorted before the end of this month. I like to be organised, sometimes ;)

Fiona x

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