Saturday, 18 September 2010


Today was mine and the man's day off together, so we decided to nip to a craft fair this morning followed by a trip to Daisy Made for an ice-cream. It's slightly out of the nearby area for us but it's such gorgeous ice-cream. I had a coconut cone and he had a raspberry pavlova tub :)

The craft fair was rather disappointing. I was hoping to get enough stock sorted to go there on a regular basis to sell, but it was a small room of about 4 tables with just us two walking around browsing. There was a jewellery stall, and as a customer I was very attracted to the corkboard of £1 earrings, so much colour it was eyecatching. It's inspired me to make plenty of £1 goodies, especially ready for markets and jewellery parties (I'm planning on hosting a few jewellery parties in our flat in the future ;P).

While we were out I started thinking of Halloween, and I came up with my general design :D I got some gorgeous lace black ribbon which was the basis of my inspiration, and complimented the rest of the look with plenty of black, red and orange :) I've decided to go for two basic pairs of earrings and a charm bracelet (one pair of earrings match the bracelet nicely). I made them this afternoon.

Halloween Drop Earrings (1)
Simple glass beaded earrings on silver-plated findings

Halloween Drop Earrings (2)
Simple glass beaded earrings on silver-plated findings
(matching bracelet below)

Halloween In Elegance Charm Bracelet
Lace entwined silver-plated toggle bracelet filled with glass Halloween-themed beads. The heart bead sparkles in the light

If you would like more information or these pieces/are interested in purchasing ready for the season, please email me at

Fiona x

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