Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Forever21 Necklaces

As mentioned in my previous blog post, here's a wonderful collection of necklaces from Forever21.

I've never really shopped here before, but I'm so glad I've found them now ;) I'm a bit of a necklace hoarder, especially long ones with pendants. I find they're so easy to wear with most of my clothes (generally dresses, leggings, mini skirts and tops).

Here are some of my absolute faves.

Pocket Heart Locket Necklace - £4.80
Aside being an absolute bargain (I think it's in its final sale), this would be perfect with a variety of outfits.

Floral Pocket Locket Necklace - £6.80
If only I could justify this :( it's so so pretty.

Faceted Filigree Necklace - £4.80
At first glance, this looks like a perfume bottle to me, but it's actually a bead.

Floral Pendant Necklace - £5.80
This is really summery/spring to me, it would be gorgeous against something white :)

Porcelain Heart Necklace - £4.80
Similar to the style above, but slightly more romantic in my mind.

Swallow Estate Necklace - £4.80
This is so cute! I'm starting to love jewellery that features birds lately, so this is definitely on my lust list.

Rose Medallion Necklace - £5.80
They also stock this in a bronze colouring with a cream middle (instead of blue), but I love the vibrance on this one.

Victorian Rose Necklace - £6.80
This would look so cute with anything, really. I love the fact that the rose picture is quite neutral, alot of my floral necklaces are quite bright.

Elegant Victorian Necklace - £4.80
I love the general style of this necklace, the rhinestoned bow is adorable, but I'm not entirely sold on the rose picture inside, however, it is still gorgeous :)

If only I had the money to buy those beauties...

I'm considering bringing a collection of long pendant necklaces to Sparklerose Designs as I really do love them. I've had a few different ideas, so we'll see ;)

Which one is your fave? Have you ever bought jewellery from Forever21 before?

Fiona x


  1. I've been eyeing their jewellery for a while, so pretty!

  2. They sell some fab things and for a lot cheaper then topshop. I always forget they are in the UK now so p&p would be pretty cheap too

  3. daisychain - I never knew they did such nice goodies, next time I fancy getting some new things I'll try them first :)

    Gem - I tell you what, it really is alot cheaper than Topshop. I went in there yesterday and it seems as though their jewellery prices have skyrocketed, I don't know if it's just me though :P

    Fiona x

  4. Faceted Filigree Necklace ....that`s wonderful!


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