Thursday, 20 January 2011

FEATURED: WendyHouse Vintage Tea Party Bracelet

You may have noticed a few changes going on, I'm giving the blog a bit of a make-over :)
I'm considering making a list of fave blogs but there's so many of you it would go on forever. If you'd like to be added though (I must already follow you), then please let me know :)

Anywho, I'm playing catch up with my blog entries. I've had all the ideas sitting in my head, and some of the words jotted down in notepad, but nothing has actually been posted. I'm feeling a bit lazy lately.. :/

A while ago, I wrote about WendyHouse, an intriguing website filled with lovely goodies. You can find the post here.

After meeting with a friend on friday, I was delighted to find this little gem sitting in my post box :D

Wrapped beautifully in candy striped packaging, labelled WendyHouse, inside waiting for me was a gorgeous charm bracelet.

Based on the tea party theme, this bracelet is a popular piece at WendyHouse, and she also has different designs to choose from.

But just in time for spring (hopefully it'll warm up soon!), my lovely new bracelet sits proudly on my jewellery/cake stand.

I wore it out for a shopping trip and found it very comfortable, it's lightweight and so easy to wear, and it goes with most of my wardrobe :D win! It also has an adjustable chain and a cute heart that hangs from it, it just oozes cuteness in pastel form.

Go get yours now from

Vintage Tea Party
Alice's Tea Party

Fiona x


  1. What a gorgeous bracelet, really love it!

  2. It is lovely :) I also love the pink version with the rabbit too :)

    Fiona x


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