Monday, 17 January 2011

FEATURED: Jason Bowen

This is a bit of a different feature for me, considering I normally write about jewellery & girly things, but I do have a passion for art, and I'm a huge fan of his work :)

Enchanted forest with water falling over.

Jason Bowen is a young, multi-talented artist based in Lincoln. He gains his style inspiration from the American artist, Bob Ross, whose style of painting focuses purely on the potential for enjoyment out of painting. Discarding any pompous disposition that can be found with oil painting (in my mind), the style is upbeat and fashionable, and you can pretty much create anything with the techniques.

Evening at sunset.

Jason's pieces illustrate tranquility in a number of forms, be it a mountain scene, or a seascape. His attention to the smallest of detail makes his work look so real, which makes it hard to look away. You want to be right there, experiencing the peace inside the painting.

Curling wave and a few rocks.

His colour palette is so rich and intense, his art would brighten any kind of day. He takes an idea, and freely paints it, without any pencils or guidelines required, creating a scene you could only imagine in a fairytale.

Blaze of Colour.

Jason is now offering painting classes, which is really exciting stuff for us art fans. They're based in Lincoln, and they begin from the 25th January. His classes are priced at £40, and by the end of a day's workshop, you get your very own painting to take home for yourself :)

His aim is to allow us to experience the joy of painting his way, regardless of skill, so even if you've never tried painting before, it's still ideal for you.

Jason's work can currently be viewed and purchased at the In Vitro gallery in Lincoln.

Drop him an email at for more information on his classes or upcoming exhibitions :)

Fiona x


  1. well, he really got his own style, thats for sure, :)

  2. bur that bob ross dude is waaaaaaaay much better than him... bruff he needs to bloody get a life dude...??!!=]


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