Friday, 21 January 2011

York Designer Outlet & Fabulous Freebie

On saturday, my wonderful boyfriend created a surprise trip for us.

I had no idea where we were going, I just knew it was 1 hour 30 minutes away. I was like a kid on a daytrip, asking if it was places like Leeds, or Manchester that we were going to. He was getting a laugh out of me guessing so much.

Anywho, he took us to the York Designer Outlet, I was so happy & surprised as I'd mentioned wanting to go to the York CCO (cosmetic company outlet).

Back in the day, I remember filling my bed full of make-up and taking a photo of it, alot of it was 'Caboodles' (remember those?) and things that looked and smelled like candy. Oh those were the days. But generally, I'm not a huge make-up person, I don't know good from bad in many cases, but I do dislike this. I'd love to treat myself to the 'posh stuff' and know exactly how to apply it, but I'd be scouring YouTube looking for tutorials :D

But I will admit, I do like MAC make-up, although I can't usually justify the price tag ;)

I was amazed by the CCO, it sold alot of different products, all under the Estee Lauder 'umbrella', including lots of things I'd never heard of before. But my main attraction was the MAC section.

There were plenty of single eyeshadows in various shades, I think they were £8.25. There were also a few duo 'suite' eyeshadows, which I think were also £8.25. There were about 5 different pigments, and about 4 glittered pigments. There were a few dazzleglass lipglosses, a couple of lip gelee tubes. That's what I can remember anyway :)

I spent around £70 on eye and lip goodies, which I will show you :)

Eyeshadow Duo in 'Devil May Care'
Eyeshadow Suite in 'Rose Suites'

Dazzleglass in 'Internationalist'
Lipgelee in 'Slicked Pink'

'Circa Plum', 'Rose' and 'Mutiny' Pigments

I would have tried out some of their face range but the colours there were very dark shades, would've made me look like a plonker ;)

While I was there, I also bought a lovely cardi from Gap, and a birdy print floral top from Next (£4!). We generally got some kitchenware and some Lindt (which seemed to magically disappear saturday night :P)
But it made a great day out for us, especially alot of the male based shops selling suits and shirts. We got home very sleepy and spent the evening watching tv :)

In other news, I also wanted to comment on the News Of The World freebie that's been running for a couple of weeks now. You do need 2 tokens, and I think there's only three chances, but if you do have the tokens lying around, it's worth getting this methinks.

Fabulous, the magazine inside the paper, is doing a Models Own make-up kit for the cost of two papers, which is £2. I went to pick up a kit the other night, and I was pleasantly surprised. It comes with professional-looking tweezers, eyelash curlers, a mascara, a liquid eyeliner and an eyeshadow duo. I haven't tested any of them yet, but I'll let you know what they're like as I try them :)

Here's a picture of what you get inside.

For £2, it's quite alright :) loves bargains!

I've got loads of Sparklerose Designs' newer pieces to write about yet, that'll be in the next post :)

Fiona x


  1. You got so much for so cheap, I'm impressed! I also love the colours you chose, really bright and glittery. Love it all!

  2. Oh what a haul! I love mutiny pigment x

  3. I love hauls! Great items you got!<3

    ♥ kisses ♥

  4. Oh wow - looks like you got a good haul of make-up, how sweet of your bf to take you there x

  5. I've had some great buys from the CCO in the past, I haven't been for ages though.

    I like the look of the pigments.

    Stop by sometime!

    The doll on fashion

  6. Thankyou for all your lovely comments :D
    I've already been using the rose suites duo, it's really easy to use too, I can wear it in work :)

    Fiona x


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