Wednesday, 5 January 2011

FEATURED: Room Eleven

Room Eleven was created by Ellie just under a year ago, offering beautiful yet affordable sparkly jewellery pieces, fit for all occasions. Originally derived from a hospital stay, Ellie's skill and passion for jewellery making arose, and now she finds herself crafting a range of items.

Her inspiration comes from history and art, particularly the glitz and glamour of 1920s fashion. This is illustrated in her Purple Tone Metallic Rainbow Bracelet, shown below.

This is for sale on Folksy for £3.00, which is very reasonable. It would look great with any type of outfit.

Ellie also loves using pre-loved antique findings, that make her pieces unique.

But my favourite piece has got to be her Sparkly Amethyst and Silver Bracelet, which appeals to my sparkly side ;)

It's so pastel and cute, it would fit with most of my wardrobe. It's also elasticated and would suit all kinds of wrist sizes.

Besides offering her excellently handcrafted jewellery, she also accepts commissions, so if there is that special something you can't find yourself, she may be able to make it for you.

Peacock blue & turquoise earrings

You can find her on Folksy here, and her blog is here :)

Fiona x

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  1. love the second bracelet!

    xxo Tess S.


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