Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Valentines Sweets Jar

With Valentines Day less than a week away now, my brain is running through ideas for the boyfriend. Usually we do a handmade something, it's good for saving money and it's sentimental also. But this year we live together, which removes some of the mystery.

I think our plan is going to be him cooking a meal and me providing the dessert. I'm thinking plenty of pink and plenty of hearts, and probably cupcakes.. ;)

I thought I'd share the gift I made last year, as I reckon you can adapt it to suit anyone.

Valentines Sweets Jar

What you'll need
♥ A glass jar (you can pick them up in home departments in supermarkets, or even in charity shops)
♥ Sweets! (I used a pick & mix bag, purposely picking colourful sweets, but you could use a red/pink theme)
♥ Red ribbon
♥ A heart shaped lollipop
♥ Heart stickers (and a large one for the front)
♥ A load of blu-tac

How to
♥ Firstly, wash out the jar so it's all nice and clean, then leave to dry until it's totally dry.
♥ Fill the jar with sweets, in my case I tried to avoid the same colours/sweet sitting together.
♥ Once you've put the top of the jar back on, tie red ribbon into a bow around the neck of the jar.
♥ Fix a huge heart shaped sticker (mine was from a card making set) on the front of the jar.
♥ Use a load of blu-tack in a line on the back of the lollipop stick and fix at the back.
♥ Dot around heart stickers on the jar, as much or as little as you like :)

I came up with the idea after finding out that my guy absolutely loves pick & mix sweets. But you could use anything, perhaps your SO loves... jellybeans, you could fill a jar with those. Now that would be colourful...

Fiona x


  1. I did one of these for my bro's 21st last year (21 different types of sweet)

    Mmm, sweets.


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