Tuesday, 8 February 2011

New Items

Hello there! What a lovely freezing day it is today.. haha.

I'm back from my trip to Cardiff, spent the weekend catching up on things, then I started making the stock for the stall I'm hoping to do in April. I thought I'd show the pieces here :)

Filigree bases finished with mauve roses, pearls and Swarovski rose hearts.

Lemony beads complimented with amber coloured Czech glass, mini flowers and satin bows.

Deep blue sparkly earrings, I'll hopefully be making a matching necklace for these soon (as below)

Deep mauve sparkly necklace & earrings set

Turquoise sparkle necklace & earrings set

I haven't yet worked out the pricing of these items, but if you're interested in finding out/interested in purchasing, leave a comment with your email and I'll get back to you :) Snap them up while you can :D

Ideally, I'll make a few necklace & earrings sets. I tend to make individual pieces but I think given my audience at the residential home, sets might be appropriate :) I will have some specialist pieces to take there though. I haven't made any charm bracelets yet, I have so many pretty beads and charms, just having trouble finding the antique bronze plated chain that I use, rather annoying..

I keep forgetting to mention this everytime I write, as I'm still getting used to the technology of it all, but Sparklerose Designs is on Facebook :D

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Fiona x


  1. the first pair of earrings - amazing!

  2. Aww thankyou! :D
    They're one of my faves, I wish I could make those roses..

    Fiona x


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