Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Nails + Jewellery Wardrobe

I painted my nails with the nailpolish I purchased the other day, Rimmel's 60 second one in Sky High. This is what it looks like.

My nails are really short at the moment, they were much longer but all started to break. I need something to keep them long.

It's a really gorgeous colour, and went on easily. This is with two coats, on top of a base coat.

I also *finally* got around to sorting my little jewellery 'wardrobe' I made out of a gift set box, a present that I had for Christmas. I've never known packaging to be so useful.

I used two skewers to make little poles, and I've hung all my handmade earring pairs on them. The doors close with a slight magnetic catch, so it stays closed and keeps them clean. Previously I stored them in little drawers that didn't fit so many in, but now I have plenty of space.

Fiona x

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  1. I have that nail polish; perhaps that is tomorrows colour!


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