Monday, 28 March 2011

Shopping Finds

I'm getting really lazy on the blogging front, I do apologise..

I'm also taking what seems like a small break from making jewellery, and infact, I've been thinking about the possibilities of branching out into other fields of handmade goodness. It's just ideas I'm toying with for now.

I thought I'd come and show my new purchases lately. I'm on a general shopping ban, but I have sold alot recently, so I've treated myself to a few bits.

Aside some basics, here's what I've bought the past week.

Adorable bird necklace (I think it was £1.50) from Primark
Sparkly bow necklace (£1.00 in the sale) also from Primark

I really don't need anymore jewellery, seriously. But I fell in love with this little bird, it makes the perfect little pendant and I can wear it in work too. The red was an initial put off on the bow pendant, but actually I reckon it would look awesome with a striped nautical style top I've got :) well, I'm hoping so. But for £1, I couldn't leave it behind ;)

Bird nest earrings (£5.00, half price) from Topshop

The boyfriend insists I'll never wear these, because they're quite long and dangly, but they're so cute! I tried one on and found it surprisingly comfortable, so I reckon I will wear these at some point soon.

There's no way this beautiful creamy enamel heart will survive on my keys, so I'm going to use it as a bag charm. The studs are just so gorgeous, the colour is so pretty, and I don't tend to have many real silver studs anymore, I find they're really handy as there's no issue of tarnishing.

I've been wanting to try one of the Rimmel 'Moisture Renew' lipsticks for ages, but I'm not necessarily big on lipsticks, so I couldn't justify spending £6 or so on one. But when I popped into Superdrug they were around £2 off, so I picked up this gorgeous pinky colour. And this is the first lipstick I've owned in years :P The nailpolish is a pretty deep blue/green shade, I've been looking for a shade like that for some time.

Floral cotton skirt (£5.00) from Primark

This skirt is so cute! I saw it and instantly fell in love. It has button detail down the front too. I wore it out the other day with a plain blue t-shirt, matching the blue floral bits, and my long owl necklace. It's currently in stores as far as I can see, and for £5 it's a real bargain.

Where appropriate, I've provided links to things incase you fancy anything you see here.

Hope everyone's having a lovely monday!

Fiona x


  1. I love all the jewellery you brought, you can never ever have enough! :p Those bird earrings are so sweet I have seen them in Topshop before and liked them but didn't get them.
    I love your jewellery you make. I like the idea of you making other things too. Could just make a few things and see how you get on :) x x

  2. I love the necklaces..Primark jewellery is always a winner!

  3. little rambling rose - the bird earrings are real cute, they're lightweight as well so comfortable for me :D Thankyou for your encouragement! I need to get my thinking cap on (and finally have some time to get creating)
    daisychain - Primark jewellery is awesome. I remember the days when it wasn't that exciting though, I briefly remember owning a set of dangly earrings that I never wore, lol

    Fiona x


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