Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Outfit Of The Day + Good News

I'd wear this outfit today, if only I could ;)

Tie Front Shirred Dress - New Look

Flock Spot Cardigan - New Look

Fleece Lined Legging - New Look

Not sure how these would work with this outfit physically but they're so cute!
Grey Minnie High Heel Shoes - Debenhams

Large image
Then the fun bit, accessorising! :D
Victorian Romance glass drop earrings - Sparklerose Designs

Large image
Sweet Romance sparklebead bracelet - Sparklerose Designs

And something sweet for my hair :D
Luxe Butterfly Pair - Crown & Glory

I had the wonderful news last week that Milkwood Gallery have sold some of my jewellery items :D it's very exciting stuff for me. We're in the process of organising a cheque or me popping down to collect monies. It's amazing to know that there's people out there wearing my designs, it's an awesome feeling :)

I'm off work today and tomorrow, so I've hopefully got some free time to get making some more :D I want to start my new year collections v.soon. I also need to work out what supplies I need and find some interesting bits for said collections ;)

I'm also planning on making some cherry coconut cupcakes later on this afternoon, so I'll have to show you how they turn out. I've even picked up a cheap piping bag to make fancy icing :D I'm so used to blobbing it on with a spoon and it looking pants, haha.

I'm still plotting my giveaway when we reach 10 followers :D
I'm thinking of making a goodie box, filled with little things including, of course, some of my handmade jewellery :)

Hope everyone's feeling mighty festive!

Fiona x


  1. Fleece lined leggings? I need in on that!

  2. Love the cardi! And congrats :)
    Come visit me again soon!

    xoxo Summer

  3. What a cute dress! And mmm! Can't wait to see the cupcakes! They sound divine.

  4. your jewelry is so cuteeee! I'm now following!! One step closer to that give away girl friend!


  5. Thanks for all your comments guys! A very merry christmas to you all :D

    Fiona x


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