Thursday, 9 December 2010

Long Time

Christmas is most definitely on its way, and it's made me busier than ever! Sparklerose is getting terribly neglected, I haven't made a thing in ages now.

The past couple of weeks have been spent doing extra shifts in work, and popping off shopping on my very few days off. One such trip was to London, which was pretty exciting for me, I hadn't been there since I was 18.

I decided to go to The Hummingbird Bakery, once we managed to find it in Portobello Road. And I also went to Laduree, and tried my (first ever) french macaroons :D

The cream cheese frosting is amazing, and perhaps a little too indulging ;)

My fave = chocolate :D

We had an amazing day, filled with tube rides and shopping :D
I popped to Accessorize while I was there, it was much bigger than the one in Lincoln. I got myself a gorgeous bronze toned floral ring, with a rose necklace and a long necklace with charms & roses, very cute.

I'm still hoping to hold a little competition, sometime before christmas, although time is running out for posting, so it may be just after christmas. But we're waiting for 10 or more followers, so get following to join in :D It'll be a chance for you to win some of the jewellery from Sparklerose Designs, my handmade jewellery collection.

Anyway, time for housework (hurray!). Hope you're all enjoying the festive season :)

Fiona x


  1. ooohw soo cute lovely sweet cake! I love it, it'sdelisieux!!


  2. I've never tried macarons, I so want to!

  3. They're a really unusual thing, the soft yet crispness of the meringue on the top & the intensity of the cream inside :)
    Some of them were really peculiar though, the pink was rose & ginger, and the red berry one had a really sharp tasting 'jam' inside. Some were too flavoursome for my taste.
    Definitely fun to try though :)

    Fiona x

  4. YUMMM those cupcakes look delicious! Im a sucker for cream-cheese frosting! Love your blog! Come visit me sometime :)

    xoxo Summer

  5. Hi!
    Nice blog...I like the polka dot background, it is very cute!
    Cool post...those cupcakes look yummy!
    Check out my blog:

  6. Thankyou for the compliments! :D <3
    Fiona x


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