Friday, 22 October 2010

Fredflare & Pretty Jewellery

I'm listening to fredflare's boombox (awesome little tool for listening to music) and browsing their pretties. I found this nailpolish and got all excited :D

Shiney :D

I used to heart fredflare just for browsing, and then I found out that they didn't ship internationally :( but now, they do :D yays.

They've got the quirkiest jewellery pieces, here are some of my faves.

This is so cute, I barely own any rings like this though, I worry about spiking people with them :D

I love watch pendants lately, I bought a lovely one from River Island a little while ago. I love the detailing on this one though.

These beauties are sold out, they're verrrry cute :P

Sadly I haven't been much of a busy jewellery-making bee, and I haven't been blogging either :O
To be honest, life is just flying by.

I'm due to hear from Milkwood Gallery at some point about the pieces I've sent them, I think they're due to send a sale or return contract to me before they get displayed. It'll be pretty exciting :) they generally seemed happy with my pieces, yay.

My next focus is getting the Folksy shop a bit fuller (haha) and finishing up the website.

This weekend my Dad is coming up to stay, I'm hoping to take him out for lunch somewhere nice tomorrow, and there's a big family meal planned on sunday evening. Should be goooood.. :)

Fiona x

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