Thursday, 18 November 2010

Busy Busy..

Wow, time flew since I last wrote!

Before I write this entry, I'd just like to thank my followers and readers :D It means alot to me that people out there share my interests and support my jewellery making. I'm planning on creating a giveaway involving some jewellery goodies v.soon :D

I had a wonderful trip to Cardiff, it's a shame it wasn't a longer one, but I did get to see family etc. After I got back I had a load of extra shifts in work, and it's only now that I've had a bit of time to relax. With christmas around the corner, I think Sparklerose Designs is getting a little lonely. I haven't made a bit of jewellery in a while now, eek.

I've nipped into town today AND yesterday, I must be crazy. I did get a load of christmas pressies though, I'll be organising/wrapping later on ;)

Have you all finished your christmas shopping yet?
Here are a few items from my folksy store that might be the perfect gift for that certain someone :)

For the older & posher lady ;)

For the fun and funky one :)

For the floral/vintage lover :)

I also have the red sparkle rose earrings available (I have tons to add to Folksy, I'm just so busy, grr).

Before I finish this entry, if anyone is due to go shopping, Debenhams is having a massssive sale :D Alot of items are 20% off or half price. I was expecting a much larger bill when I was at the checkout, I was very pleasantly surprised indeed :)

Fiona x


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