Thursday, 25 November 2010

Christmas Time :D

As you can probably tell, I'm still very busy. I'll be able to slow down a bit in January though :)

Yesterday I ventured to Meadowhall and bought a lovely lace dress in Debenhams, from the Henry Holland range. I'm hoping it's ideal for a christmas meal I'm going to in a few weeks. I just need some nice silver shoes and a silver bag :D

I haven't been online much looking at things but I'm going to share something super cute. It's called Sweet & Co.

They sell the cutest sweetest jewellery in different categories ranging from desserts to cupcakes. They're based overseas but they do ship to the UK :)

Here are some of my festive faves.

Bowtie Penguin & Candy Stick Lovely Swarovski Bracelet
This is super cute and christmassy, yet not typically christmas-based. I'd wear this all around the winter season due to the icy white colour scheme.

Sweet Glitter Mirror Cupcake Stud Earrings
These are not so festive, but they're adorable. They also come in a variety of colours, including red. However, I am a big fan of the blue ones :)

Glitter Present Dangle Earrings
Ah, I love these. Again, they make them in different colours. The pink is especially girly.

As mentioned in the previous entry, I'm planning a bit of a competition, yay! :D
I'm waiting to have 10 or more followers to start the fun. It'll involve 2 prizes, 2 winners.
So get inviting your friends/following this blog to be able to enter :)

Fiona x

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Busy Busy..

Wow, time flew since I last wrote!

Before I write this entry, I'd just like to thank my followers and readers :D It means alot to me that people out there share my interests and support my jewellery making. I'm planning on creating a giveaway involving some jewellery goodies v.soon :D

I had a wonderful trip to Cardiff, it's a shame it wasn't a longer one, but I did get to see family etc. After I got back I had a load of extra shifts in work, and it's only now that I've had a bit of time to relax. With christmas around the corner, I think Sparklerose Designs is getting a little lonely. I haven't made a bit of jewellery in a while now, eek.

I've nipped into town today AND yesterday, I must be crazy. I did get a load of christmas pressies though, I'll be organising/wrapping later on ;)

Have you all finished your christmas shopping yet?
Here are a few items from my folksy store that might be the perfect gift for that certain someone :)

For the older & posher lady ;)

For the fun and funky one :)

For the floral/vintage lover :)

I also have the red sparkle rose earrings available (I have tons to add to Folksy, I'm just so busy, grr).

Before I finish this entry, if anyone is due to go shopping, Debenhams is having a massssive sale :D Alot of items are 20% off or half price. I was expecting a much larger bill when I was at the checkout, I was very pleasantly surprised indeed :)

Fiona x

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Polyvore Fun

I do love Polyvore, surprisingly I haven't used it in forever though!

I logged on and found some of my old things, I forgot how much I liked these goodies.

Mint & Pink
Click on picture to view details.

I adore mint and pink colours, and that skirt is gorgeous :D
I made it a while ago, so I'm not actually sure what's still available! I'll have to make some more sets soon :)

I'm officially back in Cardiff for a few days. I'm hoping to pop to Milkwood Gallery and see my items being displayed :D I'm hoping to take some photos and do a blog post about it. Milkwood is really cool, I'm keen to go to one of their exhibitions when I get the chance.

Fiona x

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Tuesday's Trinkets

Time for Tuesday's Trinkets (and I've remembered this week, hurray!)

This week's picks are from Folksy.

Key Charm Necklace by Alison Julie Designs
This is so adorable and affordable, I love the vintage style to it, yet it has a festive element with the lovely red bow.

Vintage Yellow Rose Stud Earrings by Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes
Can you tell I just love rose stud earrings? I think they're so cute and delicate. These in particular remind me of autumn with the deep green & mustard colouring.

Love is the Key to my Heart Bracelet by The Vintage Jewellery Box
I'm not usually a fan of this much gold in a jewellery piece, but I really do love this, it's also themed around 'secret love' which makes it rather special.

If you'd like to be featured here next week please drop me a line at (or find me on Facebook/comment here) giving me a link to your product :) Product needs to be a 'trinket', which can be any form of accessory really :)

I'm due to make a trip to Cardiff on wednesday which should be fun. It's my Dad's birthday so I'm hoping we can do something like a family meal while I'm there. It's likely I'll go shopping :D Cardiff is so much bigger than Lincoln and there's so many shops to choose from. I love hunting around in Primark for the fun of it, you never know what you'll find, and the Primark in Cardiff is very big.

Time for coffee :D

Fiona x

Monday, 8 November 2010

New Pretties

I've had a truly amazing few days indeed, and I've had so much inspiration to get crafting.

Here are the new arrivals :)

Candysweet Rose Earrings
Vibrant blue roses mounted onto a filigree base, completed with candy pink bows and Swarovski AB hearts.

Charming Paris Eiffel Tower Earrings
Green gingham bows and AB Swarovski crystals attached to a cute eiffel tower charm.

The Sweet Wrapper Glass Beaded Earrings
Inspired by a Cadbury Roses tin, these earrings provide an unstereotypical hint of the festive season. Made with glass rondelles, Swarovski bicones and a touch of lustre glass, finished with bows and crystals.

Golden Toffee Glass Beaded Earrings
Deep purple glass rondelles, complimented by lilac and pink beads, including glass pearls, Swarovski cones and Czech glass.
Finished with a golden bow.

Sweet Princess Pale Blue Sparkledrop Earrings
Super cute combination including white crystalled bows and pearls, highlighting beautiful AB crystal drop beads.

Sweet Princess Pale Pink Sparkledrop Earrings
Super cute combination including white crystalled bows and pearls, highlighting beautiful AB crystal drop beads.

My personal fave are the Eiffel Tower ones, I think they're just so cute and versatile. I'd love to make them with different coloured gingham bows to suit every outfit I've got :D

All these beauties will be on my Folksy shop in the next few days.

I've also introduced a beautiful red ribbon rose into my collection, right in time for Christmas & Valentines next year. Will be taking pictures soon :)

Anyway, time for lunch :D

Fiona x 
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